Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Pet Peeve

When you call me and ask for my fax number, don't start repeating the number until AFTER I'm done giving it. Otherwise it turns this:

Me: "123-456-7890"
You: "Okay I have 123-456-7890, is that correct?"
Me: "yes."

into this:

Me: "1, 2, 3"
You: "oooooooooone, twooooooooooooooooo.........four?"
Me: "No, 1, 2, 3.............4, 5..."
You: "oh, oooooone, twoooooooo, four."
Me: "No, it's 1...........2.............3........."
You: "123?"
Me: "yes" (fucktard!)
You: "...."
Me: (okay I'll go on) "4, 5, 6........"
You: "123....4.....threeeeeeeeee"
Me: "No, it's a 5"
You: "What's a five?"
Me: "The number after the 4"
You: "Which 4?"
Me: "?????????????????????" (the fuck!?)

So, yeah....just don't okay? Wait until I slooooooowly give all 10 numbers and I think we'll be fine?

Everyone who understands and agrees just shake your head up and down. Everyone else go kindly fuck yourselves and never call me again.


Donovan said...

What was that last number again?

...and I thought the people I deal with were freaking retards.

The thing that really gets my knickers in a twist is when someone leaves you a voice mail and says their phone number so fast that you can't make it out.

They wonder why I never call...

Effortlessly Average said...

Oh oh you know what I hate?

I hate it when someone's reading you a number and you're writing it down as they read it but they don't follow proper number reciting protocol. For example, if your number is 123-1462, you should recite it as one-two-three [pause] one-four-six-two.

But no, some people feel the need to either say it really fast: onetwothreeonefoursixtwo! Or they start mixing numbers:
"one twenty three [pause] fourteen sixty two."

I hate that because I will have invariably written the "4" already and now have to go back and squeeze a "1" between the 4 and dash. gah!

Mighty Dyckerson said...

You're gone for three months, and this is the best you can come up with?

Patti said...

Donovan - the last number was, of course, 4. Always 4. ;-)

Mr. Average - I totally paused and apparently the douchebag took the pause to mean "it is now time for you to fuck up what I just told you".

Dyck - I'm sorry, but my sweaters don't have any holes so I couldn't POSSIBLY compete with your tribute to the polyester blended fashion statement. I do have holes in my panties though. No wait....they're crotchless. My bad.

Wirthy said...

I hate it when people ask me for my fax number. Fax machines are sooo 1988.

Patti said...

well, some of us work for The Man and The Man thinks the facsimile machine is the best invention second only to the George Walker Bush butt plug. So some of us just have to deal with it.

p.s. nice blog though. me likey.

Diva said...

Second biggest pet peeve:

When bitches who think they are busier than me need me to drop everything I'm doing (and I'm a busy girl) to fax or email them something and they blurt off the number or email address so fast it makes my head spin completley around.

That's just rude. Slow down or I'll make you repeat it at least 3 more times.